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Our Vision:

To lead radical change acrosss the healthcare lanscape to transform lives.

Our Mission:

Our family-based organization will revolutionize the healthcare industry through a culture of resident-centered healthcare services, personalized spirituality, real quality of life initiatives, and Stakeholder education and empowerment, to earn the trust of every resident, family, and community we serve.

Our Service Values:

Here at Signature HealthCARE of Clarksville we strive to be at our best and follow Signature’s core values. These values are the heart of our facility here in Clarksville. We call these values “The Sacred Six”.

Our Guiding Principles:

Personal Commitment

Principle 1: We Are A Resident Advocate, First, Last And Always
As a Signature Stakeholder, we are the eyes, the ears and hearts of our residents, and the last line of protection. We will see things we may not fully understand . . . we will hear things that concern us so we need to take it to the appropriate party to ensure resident rights . . . we will know things that were not done properly, and we will need to report on as the last line of defense for our residents.

Principle 2: We Are All About Clinical Excellence
We accept the overwhelming responsibility to serve our most chronically ill, cognitively challenged residents and patients as a clinical expert, an extended family member and a patient advocate at all times. We are given the tools, resources and education to provide the optimal outcome that each individual we are blessed to serve deserves. We will become great at this!

We commit to quality metrics to eradicate risk, acuity based staffing ensuring the highest standard of care for our residents, and rich training in clinical competencies and emotional and spiritual connectedness.

Principle 3: We Nurture Hope In Healing Through Operationalized Spirituality
We are a movement in the defiance of suffering where spirituality transcends every aspect of our care delivery system. Our Spirituality Pillar was founded on the belief that nurturing the spirit is the essence of human well-being. The movement is founded on the emotional and spiritual healing well of compassion and hope in medicine for our stakeholders, residents and their families, honoring and respecting all faith traditions, cultural fabric and beliefs.

Principle 4: We Embrace Life-long Learning For all Stakeholders
Every stakeholder has a career journey with the Revolution that is sacred to them, and it is our obligation to develop them through our Learning Pillar and Talent Management program. We identify early capabilities and future leadership potential in an ethical manner to foster growth, providing the educational development and critical path to achieve all life’s potential.

Principle 5: Everyone Should Be A CNA
Every Signature leader is required to achieve their Certified Nursing Assistance license, the front line of the industry where care is most rewarding and often most challenging. We as leaders should know what it’s like and we do. The more we know, the more we discover that radical change to the hopelessness of aging.

Principle 6: The Sacred Six: Our Creed – Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Positivity, And Patience
The Sacred Six were drafted based on feedback from our dedicated frontline caregivers who carry out the revolution three feet from the bedside. As our industry faces difficult times what will set us apart from our competitors and help us continue to thrive is the pursuit of radical change and life quality for all our people. The Sacred Six: Compassion, Integrity, Teamwork, Respect, Positivity and Patience are essential to our identity as a company and as a movement.

Principle 7: Mistakes Are Optional, The Truth Is Not
As a stakeholder we are challenged to innovate, try new things, take calculated risks, and learn daily at the revolution! This culture is not punitive in nature but grounded in the responsibility that the individual commitment to openly admitting mistakes, errors in human judgment and to always answer your calls with the truth of what we know and what happened is how we learn, forgive, and grow as an organization and we can only be responsible individually for the things we withhold or fail to share with our other teammates.

Customer Expectation And Experience

Principle 8: We All Must Master The Dynamic Fundamentals Of The Business
We know and understand that we are in a very complicated human service industry that serves the most vulnerable population, in the most regulated sector in all of healthcare. Personally we have each assumed responsibility for the financial stewardship for not just the residents and the stakeholders, but for the financial health of the business we lead knowing it takes diligence, great healthcare competency, and transparent leadership to master the many facets of our healthcare business fundamentals to ensure the long-term viability of the communities we serve and lead.

Principle 9: We Celebrate Resident Accomplishment And Never Forget
Our residents deserve recognition for what they have accomplished in their lifetimes. Our annual Hall of Fame provides the opportunity to embrace their wisdom and beauty, their service and courage in the building of cities, communities, persons, in the fighting of wars, the farming of wheat, in the service of nursing, or as a sculptor, a teacher, a painter, a miner of coal. Their mark is indelible in lives touched, and a nation built. This is where no sacred story goes untold.

Principle 10: We Will Be The National Quality Of Life Leader
Our certified Quality of Life Directors are among the most creative and talented leaders in our company, inspiring creativity through artwork with the Reflect N Us Art gallery, fulfilling dreams with vacations, or engaging our residents day to day through their life-long passions, former skill-sets, and hobbies. Annually they are joyfully challenged with physical and mental activities where their competitive drive is reignited during our company-wide Signature HealthCARE Senior Olympics.

Principle 11: Rehab Is Not A Contract, It Is A Key Clinical Teammate And Critical Partnership
The cornerstone of our existence is to provide integrity based and appropriate patient-centered care without regard to payor source while achieving optimal clinical as well as operational outcomes. Part of our hope in healing, we offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy for our beloved patient to renew day to day quality of life and restore dignity.

Principle 12: We Restore The Fragile Loss Of Dignity And Well-being In The Alzheimer World Of Confusion And Despair
We are “Connecting Perception to Reality” for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, and mental health conditions. A very sad reality is that in the most challenging cases, we are striving to serve a population that nobody wants. When we close the door, there is no where else to go. We have a duty, and moral obligation to afford our best effort at giving them back the gift of life.

Communities And Partnerships

Principle 13: Healthcare Is Very Complicated And We Help Create Innovations And Solutions
We are innovators of change and do not fear looking at new ways of doing things. We take our most vulnerable markets and consider creative partnerships, where other care providers are giving up. We will not give up. It’s about realistic assessments of certain market forces, barriers and opportunities, it’s about celebrating wins and possibility, identifying internal risk and solving problems in the marketplace.

Principle 14: We Will Save, Restore, Or Rebuild Communities When Called
Many skilled nursing facilities are facing shut down and the elimination of critically needed jobs and healthcare due to lack of profitability, complicated regulations and market based network demands. We are committed to continue saving long-term care facilities and local hospitals in under-served areas in order to maintain jobs and serve the elderly population.

Principle 15: We Need To Partner Well (Over Deliver And Under Promise)
Collaboration in the new care continuum is the only way to serve our residents and their family members as well as the clinical networks with whom we partner in the changing care delivery system. We have open hearts, cross-functional mindsets with determination through risk taking and creative problem solving.

Principle 16: We Believe In Grassroots Market Based Local Healthcare Because It Enhances Public Health And Service For All.
Our Revolutionary Mission is to radically change healthcare forever which requires a deep commitment to and a constant reminder that healthcare is unique to each community where demographics, individual need, and the current system requires us to use market intelligence and collaborative local knowledge to serve the community, not a corporate agenda.

Hero Stories

Hero’s Journeys are the real-life stories of our beloved patients. Here, you can read captured highlights of their journeys back to wellness. We at


 are so proud of each and every Hero!

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